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Welcome to Ca. Cannabis Medicine
Owner: Dr. Brubaker

At Ca. Cannabis Medicine, our mission is to help patients, caregivers and volunteers make informed decisions regarding the medicinal benefits they may expect to achieve from Cannabis and whether Cannabis is or isn’t the right medicine for them.

We know that Cannabis is “not” for everyone and there’s been alot of controversy since the use of Marijuana was made illegal by the Federal Government in 1972.

Fresno KSEE 24 – Medical Marijuana – Dr. Daniel Brubaker

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  1. Doug M

    Hey Janell,

    How cool is this Web Site…Nice work…thanks for sharing.


  2. Janell

    Thanks so much, Doug. I could not have done this without YOU!

  3. Adeline Aley

    Thanks for providing dedicated and compassionate care to struggling patients by giving cannabis medical solutions and spreading community education, awareness and participation.

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