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We use the term medicinal cannabis rather than marijuana, pot, weed, or any other slang terms that are used for cannabis. We prefer this term because this plant is viewed by us as medicinal rather than recreational. Our patients require this herb to provide quality of life and/or treatment for their disease or medical problem(s).

Society doesn’t refer to Ginkgo Biloba or Ginseng as a ‘weed’ or any other slang term.  We believe that people associate these slang terms to cannabis because they are not adequately educated on the medicinal values of cannabis.  At Dr. Brubaker’s office, it is our hope that we can help individuals in the educational process.

It has been discovered and confirmed in research studies that indeed there are valid, beneficial medicinal uses for cannabis users.  Also the majority of patients Dr. Brubaker treats report a significant alleviation of the symptoms from the medical condition(s) they have been diagnosed with.  Many of our patients diagnosed with chronic pain have been able to get off addictive narcotics they had been on for years because of the analgesic properties found in cannabis.  Because of this, it is our belief that medicinal cannabis should not be considered a ‘gateway’ drug, but rather and ‘exit’ drug.

That being said, we are fully aware of it’s recreational use as well. We refuse to treat persons who want to get high like people who drink alcohol seeking to get “buzzed” or “drunk”.  Society readily accepts alcohol use, yet it has very little medicinal use. Since cannabis is less accepted, we have established Dr. Burbaker’s Rules to protect you as the patient and Dr Brubaker’s medical license.

Dr. Daniel Brubaker’s Cannabis Rules

  1. If you are dishonest about your medical condition(s) or any other information regarding seeking a license for Cannabis, I would suggest you not go through a reputable doctor. Your recommendation is for medical use only, NOT for recreational use.
  2.  Under no circumstances should  any reputable doctor issue a license for Cannabis to a teenager without the presence of a parent AND medical records from their doctor.
  3.  Should any information arise that any illegal activity occurs during the course of your recommendation, a reputable doctor will pull your growing certificate, your recommendation or both. You cannot sell any of your cannabis to anyone, not even dispensaries. The purpose for your recommendation and growing certificate is to help YOU with your health.
  4. Medical Records are helpful to bring with you for your protection, but not an absolute necessity. However, medical records are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for using cannabis for Mental Health Issues. If the doctor you seeking a recommendation from is not a Psychiatrist they probably will not make a diagnosis in one visit.
  5. If  a reputable doctor finds out you are trying to obtain a license for Cannabis to sell and distribute Cannabis to unlicensed persons, they will report you to the Drug Enforcement Agency.
  6. If any of you grow your own Cannabis without it being enclosed, locked and posted, a reputable doctor will revoke your growing certificate.
  7. You are responsible for knowing the laws. Your doctor is a physician and not a lawyer; therefore seek advice from attorneys, national organizations, local organizations, and professional club owners.
  8. If multiple patients plan to grow plants at one location, e.g., residence, there cannot be more than 99 plants at one location.
  9. If you are not responsible with cannabis and a reputable doctor is subpoenaed to go to court, they will probably charge you about $500 per hour for every hour they are required to be away from their office.  Court is between 9 am and 5 pm and that is an approximate cost to run an office.
  10. Multiple year certificates are not longer available.  Since patients were not following up  each year. If you did obtain a recommendation for more than 1 year (between 1 and 5 years) it is your responsibility to contact your doctor’s office each year. This is by law that you follow-up with your doctor.
  11. Federal employees should not attain a medicinal cannabis recommendation or license.  This is entirely your responsibility and choice.  However, you should first be aware that federal employees are frequently urine tested, and the California medicinal cannabis recommendation is not exempt from the federal government’s rules and regulations. The presence of cannabis in the urine of a federal employee may cause termination, or it may lead to disciplinary actions such as undergoing drug rehabilitation and leave without pay.  Acquiring a license as a federal employee is at your own risk.
  12. If you are a patient who is or has been recommended for organ transplantation, you will be screened for any illicit drugs. Cannabis is considered an illicit drug by the federal government.  You need to discontinue the use of medicinal cannabis at least a month in advance of the screening procedure for determining transplantation.   The reason for this warning is that all organ transplantation services at all the transplant centers in the United States are funded by the federal government.  And should you test positive, they will not consider you for organ transplantation.  Therefore, the government is diminishing your lifespan based on the fact that they are not recognizing cannabis as a medicinal wonder drug.