Well before California legalized recreational weed in November, the state was already known as a major pot-producer, huge in fact.

According to the Orange County Register, the Golden State’s weed crop is not only the most valuable product in the nation’s biggest agricultural state, it is way ahead of the next most popular crop—by a long shot.

California’s mild climate and year-round farming made the rich Central Valley the breadbasket of the world at one time and provided the U.S. with fruits and vegetables that grew in very few other places.

The same went for the Napa and Imperial Valleys and the dry garlic fields of Fresno.

But now the biggest crop in California’s diverse cornucopia is marijuana.

Using data from the state Department of Food and Agriculture, as well as its own calculation of in-state pot production, the Orange County Register places the value of California’s weed crop above the top five leading agricultural commodities combined.

Here are the top commodities and their worth compared with the estimated amount for marijuana:

1. Marijuana — $23.3 billion
2. Milk — $6.28 billion
3. Almonds — $5.33 billion
4. Grapes — $4.95 billion
5. Cattle, Calves — $3.39 billion
6. Lettuce — $2.25 billion


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