Dr. Brubaker graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1974.  He then completed 4 years of training in Pathology, which is one of the hardest and most difficult residencies in medicine.  He added two Fellowships; one in Immunopathology and one in Transfusion/Transplantation medicine. 


He has enjoyed 20+ years in Academic Medicine, teaching medical students, interns, residents, Fellows and postgraduate students.  It began at the University Pittsburg Medical Center; it later moved to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, and then to UCLA-Harbor Medical Center (a UCLA affiliate).  Today, in his private practice, he continues to teach and inform his employees and patients about all things in healthy.


Dr. Brubaker has also published abstracts and manuscript in major medical journals, in medical literature and periodicals, and even a few chapters in medical textbooks. 


He obtained research grants from the National Institutes of Health, from the Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Many doctors at University Mediclne have difficulty obtaining.


Dr. Brubaker’s is a scientist at heart.  He is adept in identifying a medical problem and then solving the problem through methodical research, which has made a significant difference in the lives of patients and physicians. 

A few of his discoveries include:

·        Discovery of a medical problem that resulted from blood transfusions in immunocompromised patients.  He termed the new disease as ‘Post-transfusion graft-versus-host disease’.  It is the same type of disease that occurs in bone marrow transplant patients.  However, Dr. Brubaker discovered the occurrence in other patients who were transfused and simultaneously had defects or deficiencies in their immune system. 

·        Creating a new test for patients with pregnancy toxemia. 

·        Discovered a laboratory test to detect bleeding as a result of defects in platelets that result in bleeding.

·        The first doctor in blood banking to initiate HIV antigen testing to keep the blood supply safe in the United States.


In 2004, Dr. Brubaker went on a quest to better understand pain.  After many courses and seminars, he started practicing pain management and was soon one of the status quo; being courted by pharmaceutical reps. and utilizing narcotics for pain.. 


However, he had a few pain patients that did not want to take narcotics, and encouraged him to look into the benefits of medical cannabis so that he would legally recommend it for pain in lieu of narcotics.  Dr. Brubaker did the research and in 2006, he was the first doctor in Fresno to start medical cannabis recommendations.  “Cannabis is not only good for alleviating chronic pain, but it is good for many other ailments as well.  And it is significantly less risk to one’s health.  When you compare the staggering statistics for deaths from prescription narcotics vs zero from cannabis, it’s the wiser choice and more closely aligned with the Hippocratic Oath.”


Dr. Brubaker no longer prescribes any narcotic medicine for two reasons:

1.     His DEA license was volunteered, which resulted in probation that is now cleared as of 2016.  When he was prescribing narcotic medications, the DEA discovered that two of his patients sold their OxyContin, which initiated a brutal investigation by the DEA and Medical Board.  Dr. Brubaker survived the character assassinating investigation that was harsh.  His survival has proven that he did no wrong and was not guilty of any allegations.  Which leads to reason #2:

2.     Chronic pain should not be treated with long term narcotics.  It just exacerbates the pain, causing physiological dependence, addiction and a strong desire (by Dr. & patient) to increase the medications.  


Like in the song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash stated: “Lessons learned are like bridge burned. You only cross them but once.”


His curriculum vitae is noted in detail. 


Mission Statement


 Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates’ emphasis is to apply integrative medical methods and specialties to intervene and treat musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular conditions and /or diseases which frequently result in pain. Our emphasis is on facilitating self-healing. We recognize each patient’s medical problem(s) is unique and attempt to treat the specific medical problem(s) and in particular, the patient. We respect each one of our patients and attempt to assist them in their medical management decisions.


Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates (MSMA)

This is a solo medical practice that began in 2002 primarily seeing injured workers under Workers Compensation for the State of California.  Dr. Brubaker primarily saw injured workers until 2004 when he also expanded the practice to pain management.  In 2006, two independent patients related to Dr. Brubaker that they did not want to take any narcotics, but rather medicinal cannabis for their chronic pain.  This was the start for seeing patients who wanted a medical marijuana recommendations.  It has expanded over time to be 30-60% of the practice.  In addition, Dr. Brubaker also started seeing  personal injury patients, because they usually have significant musculoskeletal injuries. Dr Brubaker is not viewed as POT DOC, but rather a physician who recommends cannabis as an alternative.


As a result of the changing Worker’s Compensation laws in California, Dr. Brubaker continues to see Worker’s Compensation patients, but on a limited basis.


The practice also sees private patients which include PPOs, Medicare, and private insurances.  Dr. Brubaker does not see any managed care patient’s or Medi-Cal patients.  These patients are only seen on a cash basis and mostly for second opinion.



Private insurances include:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

United Health


And, all private insurances

Health Insurance activity changes from year to year and therefore please call the office at 559-248-0116 to determine if Dr. Brubaker accepts his or her private insurance.


Worker’s Compensation Insurances: A doctor in California must go on to a Medical Provider Network (MPN).  Does known that Dr. Brubaker prolongs to are:


Gallagher Bassett


And many more depending on the employer

Daniel B. Brubaker, D.O.

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