Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is all about the flowers.

Gary Johnson is the only presidential hopeful who has admitted to getting high on the campaign trail. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Johnson said while he hasn’t had a drink in decades, he’d recently dabbled with edibles, munching on marijuana infused candy.

The former New Mexico governor who is currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination made headlines after boldly predicting the Obama administration would remove marijuana from its Schedule I listing before relinquishing the keys to the Oval Office in 2017.

“It’s going to be just like alcohol,” Johnson said in ant interview  with The Washington Times.  “I’m going to predict that Obama, when he leaves office, is going to reschedule marijuana as a Class I narcotic. I wish he would have done that to this point, but I think he’s going to do that going out the door. That’s a positive.”

While President Obama does not appear to have any plans to reform the federal marijuana laws, Johnson seems to believe that the Commander in Chief will soon surprise cannabis advocates all across the United States by removing the herb from the confines of its Schedule I classification.

Although all of the remaining presidential candidates have tendered their support for the concept of allowing states the right to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, Johnson, who recently resigned as CEO for the medical marijuana firm Cannabis Sativa, Inc. to focus on his presidential run, takes his stance on the issue a step further by suggesting that weed should taxed and regulated at the national level in a manner similar to the brewing industry.

However, in order for weed to be sold in retail outlets similar to beer at the national level, the DEA would first have to eliminate cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act – an action that Johnson predicts is going to take place within the next year. But, while this speculation is encouraging, Johnson’s wager on the issue is likely way off. After all, back in 2014, President Obama suggested that “what is and isn’t a Schedule I narcotic is a job for Congress,” telling CNN’s Jake Tapper that it was not up to his administration to change the marijuana laws in the United States.

Additional hints that Obama has no interest in leading efforts of federal pot reform came earlier this year, when White House press secretary John Earnest told reporters that the president wasn’t planning to do anything with marijuana policy before the end of his term.

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