Personal Injury

Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates provides our patients with a complete array of health-care services for accidental injuries.

Whether you’ve been in a traffic accident, have fallen and hurt yourself, been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, or been injured at work, Dr. Daniel Brubaker at Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates can help.

No matter how serious your injuries may be, from minor to severe, Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates will help diagnose your injuries and help you recover from your accident injuries.

Dr. Daniel Brubaker will:

  • Perform initial exams and evaluations. We are very adept at in recognizing and accessing your injuries.
  • Work with you to diagnose or rule out any potential serious conditions that may result from the accident.
  • Prescribe treatments, prescriptions and diagnostic exams.
  • Work to stabilize these injuries to prevent any further damage.
  • Focus on helping to alleviate any pain or discomfort from your injury.

Our office gives you the convenience of MRI services and affordable prices. The report will be read by a radiologist and results will be sent back to the provider. The patient will get a copy as well.

We also offer X-ray and DEXA scan services, and work with an Ultrasound company.

Depending on your injuries and your needs, Dr. Daniel Brubaker can also provide referrals to:

  • Pain management doctors,
  • Specialists, and
  • Physical therapists.

We advise on a treatment plan that will best help you recover and help you navigate the insurance and paperwork.

The sooner you contact us after an accident, the sooner we can help, so call us right away!

In an effort to enhance our communication, we offer online appointment requests as well as a centralized telephone number to our personal injury scheduling department. To reach the personal injury scheduling department, please contact 559-248-0116 or email