The World’s First Marijuana Gym Is Opening in San Francisco

The World’s First Marijuana Gym Is Opening in San Francisco

The legalization of marijuana in several states has resulted in the birth of new business ventures, from weed delivery services to edibles event planning to even weed wedding flowers. And now, one man is looking to capitalize on the budding new industry by creating the world’s first cannabis gym.

Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco is a marijuana gym that will “integrate cannabis into one’s daily routine of wellness,” according to its website. In addition to offering all of the hallmarks of a premier “health and wellness center,” Power Plant Fitness will allow its members to consume cannabis both before and after their workouts “for optimal states of wellness and peak performance.”

Jim McAlpine, the founder of Power Plant Fitness, told Outside magazine that cannabis “can help get you into the zone, into eye-of-the-tiger mode.” “If you use it right, cannabis takes the things you love and lets you love them more,” he claimed.

Research, however, is limited on how cannabis can actually affect athletes, good or bad. But McAlpine isn’t the first to use the drug as part of his training regimen. Greatist spoke to other athletes who turn to marijuana, including one runner who said the drug helped him during recovery.

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