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Workers’ Compensation

Let us help you establish new claims easier. At Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates, we provide prompt, high quality medical care to the injured employee and give the employer the information they need to return employees to work quickly and safely. Our comprehensive worker’s compensation medical care program focuses on three elements: timely access, communication, and consistency.

Request a Workers’ Comp Appointment

Contact our Workers’ Compensation Liaison with any questions or for more information at 559-248-0116 or at [email protected].

Access/ Treatment

Thousands of Californians are injured at work each year. Dr. Daniel Brubaker of Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates physicians will see an injured employee within 24 to 72 hours after an injury. Sometimes Dr. Daniel Brubaker can offer a same day appointment to their schedule to provide medical care for the acutely injured employee. Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates delivers efficient and effective treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries.


When an employee is injured, the employer requires information quickly. Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates will complete Physician Progress Reports and Appointment Notes and fax/ email the information to the employer, insurance adjuster and case managers each time an injured employee is seen by our Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates. If an employee is unable to return to normal duties, the physician will outline the return-to-work restrictions so an employee can perform modified work while the injury heals.


You can expect to receive the same timely information after each patient’s visit from Muscular Skeletal Medical Associates. We have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation Department to help answer questions and maintain individual customer relationships.  Dr. Daniel Brubaker is committed to delivering the highest level of quality medical care to every patient with every visit.

Scheduling Appointments Just Got Easier!

In an effort to enhance our communication, we offer online appointment requests as well as a centralized telephone number to our workers’ compensation scheduling department. To reach the workers’ compensation scheduling department, please contact 559-248-0116 or email  [email protected].

Our Workers’ Compensation Department will discuss our fee schedule and records requirement with you when you call to schedule. To schedule an IME, please call 559-248-0116.