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Patient Education

Dr. Daniel Brubaker’s Cannabis Rules

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

We use the term medicinal cannabis rather than marijuana, pot, weed, or any other slang terms that are used for cannabis. We prefer this term because this plant is viewed by us as medicinal rather than recreational. Our patients require this herb to provide quality of life and/or treatment for their disease or medical problem(s). Society doesn’t refer to Ginkgo Biloba or Ginseng as a ‘weed’ or any other slang term. We believe that people associate these slang terms to cannabis because they are not adequately educated on the medicinal values of cannabis. At Dr. Brubaker’s office, it is our hope that we can help individuals in the educational process. It has been discovered and confirmed in research studies that indeed there are valid, beneficial medicinal uses for cannabis users. Also the majority of patients Dr. Brubaker treats report a significant alleviation of the symptoms from the medical condition(s) they have been diagnosed with. Many of our patients diagnosed with chronic pain have been able to get off addictive narcotics they had been on for years because of the analgesic properties found in cannabis. Because of this, it is our belief that medicinal cannabis should not be considered a “gateway” drug, but rather an “exit” drug.

That being said, we are fully aware of its recreational use as well. We refuse to treat persons who want to get high like people who drink alcohol seeking to get “buzzed” or “drunk”. Society readily accepts alcohol use, yet it has very little medicinal use. Since cannabis is less accepted, we have established Dr. Burbaker’s Rules to protect you as the patient and Dr Brubaker’s medical license.

  • If you are dishonest about your medical condition(s) or any other information regarding seeking a license for Cannabis, I would suggest you not go through a reputable doctor. Your recommendation is for medical use only, NOT for recreational use.
  • Under no circumstances should any reputable doctor issue a license for Cannabis to a teenager without the presence of a parent AND medical records from their doctor.​

Diabetes and Cannabis.

Over the past 10 years of providing cannabis recommendations, who came to see me for other reasons, and in their history, they had diabetes. I learned through questioning my patients that her blood sugars were better controlled with the use of cannabis. We researched this observation and found: Cannabis can have the following benefits for PWDs (people with diabetes):


  • Stabilizing blood sugars (confirmed via “a large body of anecdotal evidence building among diabetes sufferers”).
  • Anti-inflammatory action that may help quell some of the arterial inflammation common in diabetes.
  • “Neuroprotective” effects that help thwart inflammation of nerves and reduce the pain of neuropathy by activating receptors in the body and brain.